Four Lanes End Garden Club
​Langhorne, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

First and foremost, the members of Four Lanes End Garden Club in Langhorne hope that all our supporters, their families, and their friends are healthy and safe. These are extraordinary, crazy, and hard times for so many. No one goes untouched by the long reaching tentacles of COVID-19, including our Garden Club. For the safety of our club members and all of our patrons, we have cancelled the Holdiay House Tour and Tea for a third time.To compensate for the financial loss, we regret that scholarships will be suspended until further notice. In the meantime, we will continue to maintain the hay baskets in Langhorne, donate money to area food pantries, and maintain the grounds at the Richardson House, a lovely place to enjoy some fresh air while  social distancing. We will also be trying some new events which won't put our valued supporters at risk. Stay well and remember, you are not alone.
*Who would have thought that 2021 would become 2022! ** Unbelievable! Once again our Holiday House Tour is being cancelled. There will NOT be a Holdiay House Tour November, 2022. Why? We don't want to put our precious homeowners at risk and many of our dedicated club members are in a high risk category, thus not available to participate in the many workshops required to make the decorations and stage the house for the 2000 visitors who usually attend. In additon, a fall upsurge is being talked about and who knows what new variant is around the corner. 
BUT, back by popular demand will be the Holiday Country Store and the Garden Nook.   Many of you patronized our Holiday Country Store and the Garden Nook last November and we hope to see you again this November (2022)! Our crafters are already at work! And, the Garden Nook is planning some new surprises. 
And speaking of surprises, be on the lookout for a new event this spring. A Garden Tour is being planned!