Four Lanes End Garden Club
​Langhorne, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

First and foremost, the members of Four Lanes End Garden Club in Langhorne hope that all our supporters, their families, and their friends are healthy and safe. These are extraordinary, crazy, and hard times for so many. No one goes untouched by the long reaching tentacles of COVID-19, including our Garden Club. For the safety of our club members and all of our patrons, we have cancelled our normal activities, including the 2020 Holiday House Tour and Tea*, our largest fund-raising activity. To compensate for the financial loss, we regret that scholarships will be suspended until the spring of 2022. In the meantime, we will continue to maintain the hay baskets in Langhorne, donate money to area food pantries, and maintain the grounds at the Richardson House, a lovely place to enjoy some fresh air while  social distancing. Stay well and remember, you are not alone.
*Like everyone else, we are waiting to see if our club activities can start up again in the fall. Even if life does go back to "normal", we will stand by our decision to forgo the Holiday House Tour & Tea. You might ask ‘WHY?’.  
It is in the late spring/early summer that we begin searching for homes for the tour. Once the houses are locked in, the decorating teams are formed. The teams begin by meeting the homeowners, doing several walk-throughs, taking pictures, and getting together to  formalize design plans. After this, there many workshops to start making custom decorations. This generally takes place during the summer months and early fall. The current guidelines for social distancing and other safety measures make this impossible. And, with the threat of a possible resurgence of the virus, we can't image someone wanting to chance approximately 2000 people walking through their home. Furthermore, how comfortable would our visitors be lining up to see the results of our labor. After weighing the investment of hours of work, thousands of dollars in supplies, and the comfort of all our faithful patrons, we decided to go with the safe option. We know the tour has been a tradition for many of you, our dedicated visitors, and hope you will resume it in 2021* when all will hopefully be well again. *Who would have thought that 2021 would become 2022!

*Donation recipients for the month of April
Bucks County Housing Group $250
Langhorne Presbyterian Church Food Pantry $250

*Donation recipients for the month of May
Emergency Relief Association of Lower Bucks - Levittown PA  $225
Family Service of Bucks County - Langhorne PA  $225

*Donation recipient for the month of June
YMCA of Bucks County - Bensalem, PA $250
The Four Lanes End Garden Club, once again, will not be holding its annual Holiday House Tour in November. With concerns about the Delta variant and the fact that so many of our club members are senior citizens, we thought it best to play it safe and hold off another year. Safety is our top priority and we don't wish to put anyone at risk, club members and visitors, alike,  by bringing hundreds of people together, chancing a possible exposure from an unvaccinated or asymptomatic individuals. Stay well and we hope to see you again in 2022!